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Puppy Training Half Day

The Puppy Training at Heart and Soul Dogs is a twelve week, half day training program for service puppy prospects up to six months old. Trainers who utilize force free, positive reinforcement based training will work with puppies four times per week, teaching them basic obedience and foundational service dog skills. This structured program also focuses on socialization, offering puppy play times, enrichment activities, and weekly outings to build public access foundational skills. The preschool is designed and run by a licensed Pet Dog Ambassador instructor, and owners will have a chance to be assessed for level 1 of the Pet Dog Ambassador at the end of the program, which upon passing rewards participants with a certificate and medal of achievement.

Puppy Training 8:30am-5:30pm

4 Weeks $2000

8 Weeks $4000

12 Weeks $6000

Puppy Pawgress and Community Exposure

All the fun you can have while learning basic and getting The daycare at Heart and Soul Dogs is a continuation of the preschool, where puppies will receive continued socialization during the second half of the day. Structured puppy play times and community access outings are the focus of the day care, building on experiences from the preschool. Community access outings, to local parks, outdoor markets, organized meet and greets with the community, and others, will provide thoughtful and safe exposures to new sights, sounds, and experiences that are vital to the development of a successful service dog.

Puppy Pawgress and Community Exposure 1:00pm-5:30pm

2 Weeks $400
4 weeks $780
6 Weeks $1172

Puppy Training & Puppy Pawgress Combination

4 Weeks $2125

8 Weeks $4450

12 Weeks $6675

Saturday Training Classes

Come join us on Saturday for one of our training classes. we offer a class for owners and their dogs 6 months younger to work on basic obedience and connection. This class is for 10am till 11am for six weeks. We also offer a class for owners and their dogs that are 6 months and older for basic obedience and connection. This class is from 11:30am till 12:30pm for six weeks.

Saturday Classes

6 Week Basic Obedience class (dogs 6 months and older)

6 Week Basic Obedience Class (Dogs younger under 6 month old)



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